Gary P. Schuetz

The Law Offices of Attorney Gary Schuetz has been an advocate for real estate interests, landowners and business owners for years. Those who work in these industries are well aware that when a Washington state attorney is needed for technical and complex business or land transfer agreements, Garry Schuetz is the Renton lawyer to call.

Critical Over-Lap Knowledge

Gary has a strong reputation for providing his clients with top-notch representation and legal guidance in areas that often overlap. This is a huge advantage legally as many attorneys often silo their services into just one area and are unable to adequately address cross-over issues that require knowledge of multiple disciplines. Gary’s experience in environmental law, construction, real estate litigation and business legal guidance all come together in one package for clients.

Solid Experience Credentials

With over 25 years at providing closing services for residential and commercial real estate as well as business opportunities throughout Washington, Gary Schuetz office has covered the gamut from handling legal issues on vacant land, homes and gas stations to motels and mom and pop business transfers. There is hardly a property or business model transfer issue that Gary has not had experience dealing with.

Local Knowledge of the Courts

Too often some of the best deals go south because the legal help involved is from out of the area and not familiar with how the local court system operates. Each court district has its own local rules and how they are applied, which can have a big influence on cases filed. Gary Schuetz has practiced in the Renton and Washington state courts for years, so he is quite familiar with the nuances of each court district and how they operate. This inside knowledge is key to why Gary has such a success in navigating property and business litigation so well. While other parties may get hung up on filing technicalities, Gary’s relationship with the local courts can really be leveraged in favor of his clients.

In Summary

Attorney Gary Schuetz office provides top-notch legal credentials at reasonable rates. Given the broad depth of his experience in multiple legal areas, clients are well protected through his representation. Communication on case progress is key to address client concerns, and it allows cases to move with the best interest kept in mind when decisions have to be made. To find out more about how your business, property or commercial interests can be addressed correctly, give Gary Schuetz’s office a call today.